Paper faces on parade...

It sounds like most of us are into Alter Ego Night, or "Masquerade!", as Alter Ego Night 2007 will be known. (Hat tip to Slyde on a beautiful name.) Here's the deets...

Masquerade! Alter Ego Night 2007 -- Comment under a different name
WHEN:   Wednesday, May 16. 10:05 p.m.
WHERE:  Your neighborhood redreporter
WHAT:   Cincinnati Reds vs. San Diego Padres
WHO:    Everyone is invited. But BYOB
COVER:  Free!
WHY:    Because

It's dress-up time. To change your screen name, just log out and register with a different e-mail address. Not rocket science, really. It should be some spirited good fun. Act like yourself, or act like someone else. It's up to you. What happens at Masquerade! stays at Masquerade!.

NOTE: I don't have permission to do this. So I'm kind of just hoping that JD gives his blessing. Please, please, please JD let us play... I'll do extra chores for a week! I promise... pleeeeeeeeeeze...

Masquerade! Don't come as yourself, or don't come at all.