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Tuesday Quick Hits

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Hank Sauer

  • Your latest Josh Hamilton links: Pittsburgh Post Gazette did a story on him before last weekend's series, AllHeadlineNews has a general overview, really interesting story that was DRaysBay  two years ago, and finally a blog devoted entirely to Josh. Not sure what took so long on the last one.
  • This is just strange to read now. Strange isn't really the word I want, but I don't know that I can come up with a better one.
  • Posnanski has had some great blog entries since the last roundup, and I really enjoyed Worst.Hitters.Ever. and The Hall of Could Have Been. Hank Sauer gets a mention in the latter.
  • I'm not a Bonds hater, but this was still pretty funny.
  • Some baseball players are apparently doing eye exercises for hours a day to improve their vision. Remember how Brandon Larson broke out and attributed it to lasik surgery?
  • These Hobbs shirts from Redus and Weep are awesome. I think I'm buying this one.
  • Anyone else noticing Ramon Ortiz's start? Only five starts, but I still don't really get it. Not a guy I expected to ever have a good season again.
  • I might be a dork, but I thought this was really cool. Newstory here and diagram here. Isn't there a Crosley replica somewhere in Cincinnati?
  • Pat Neshek seems like a really cool guy.
  • JinAz has a nice profile of Brad Salmon up. I'm looking forward to seeing what Salmon has, and I still think he should have been called up last year. Maybe it could have helped to prevent the you know what.