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Tuesday Quick Hits: Day After Edition

Bronson Arroyo

  • The Nationals aren't going to be very good this year, which probably made their fans Opening Day hassles all the more irritating.
  • Stick a fork in Brad Lidge.
  • I linked to this year's Diamond Mind predictions yesterday, but they go a little more in depth here. You might want to discount what they say a little though, since they think Royce Clayton to Alex Gonzalez is a lateral move. They obviously haven't had the misfortune that we've had of having to watch Royce Clayton for an extended period of time. Lucky them.
  • A lot of this humor is way over the top, but there's still a few funny lines.
  • The Boston Globe did a long article on Bronson Arroyo, and the accompanying pictures are pretty nice. Sounds like he's out and about in Mount Adams quite a bit.
  • I got 102.
  • I'm digging the artwork over at Redus and Weep.
  • And finally JinAZ has some nice reflections on Opening Day. He hits on something that I haven't talked about, which is how great the new uniforms looked. I'm absolutely loving them.

    I also have to agree that Mr. Redlegs is one scary SOB. I think it might be the mustache.