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Game Thread: Game 22 vs the Cardinals

TIME: 1:10 @ Busch Stadium

                     REDS PROBABLE:
Randy Keisler (0-0, 4.09)                     Kyle Lohse (1-0, 1.91)

Skipping the game thoughts, but I want to ask you guys, how many games would you say Jerry Narron has cost the Reds so far this year? Also, how extreme does a dumb managerial move have to be for it to be pinned on the manager?

I really feel like Narron is to blame tonight for removing Arroyo after seven innings, and I'm interested to know if you guys think he should be pinned for any of the other 11 losses. I'm thinking about keeping track as we go along this season, but I think we should establish some criteria first so go ahead and weigh in with how you think we should count "managerial" losses. Obviously there's no hard answers here, but I think we can get something figured out.

I'll get us started:

  • If Jerry Narron uses Rheal Cormier in a close and late situation and Cormier blows the game I'm pinning it on Narron.
  • If Narron removes his starter who's cruising before he reaches 100 pitches and the bullpen blows the game, that's a Narron loss.
Give me some more.

And go Reds!