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Tuesday Quick Hits

Josh Hamilton

  • Absolute ton of Josh Hamilton articles lately. We've got an article from SI, Paul Daugherty's column from last week, a column from CBS Sportsline, a three parter from 1999 that you can read here, here, and here, and finally a New York Times article. There's also a nasty blind item at On The DL that some think is about him, but I'm not going to link to it.
  • Apparently the Banks project might actually get rolling. Projected completion date is end of 2009, but I have a hard time believing it until it happens.
  • Mark Prior is done for the year, and you have to think that's about it for him. Maybe he'll come back as a soft tosser, but it's hard to see him regaining his 2003 form, which is a shame. I always remember how stupid everyone thought the Twins were for taking Mauer over Prior, but it just goes to show that you never really know.
  • Interesting commentary from a Detroit writer about Comerica never appearing on top ballpark lists, and I think we'll be seeing the same thing in Cincinnati for the next few decades. Like I always say, nice park and all, but the Reds missed the opportunity to do something special.
  • From Pittsburgh: Analysis: Why are Brewers outspending Pirates?. Pretty damn good question. I'm not a fan of Pittsburgh in general, but the entire thing reminds me of Kansas City in that the fans are getting raped and nobody seems to care.
  • It's really incredible that people really seem to think Royce Clayton is a great defender.
  • Joe Posnanski on slumping hitters, a timely read for Reds fans right now.
  • Interesting New York Times article on the AL being superior to the NL. I believe it, but I also think some people make the difference out to be a little bigger than it actually is.
  • I absolutely can't wait until this is reality. Everyone cross your fingers and hope that it actually happens.
  • Forbes new business of baseball list is out, and Cincinnati is the 23rd most valuable franchise. Castellini has already profited on his purchase if Forbes is correct. They have the team valued at $307 million; Castellini bought in at $270 million.
  • C. Trent has a great interview up with minor leaguer Bo Lanier.
  • The Dayton Dragons are the 10th hottest ticket in sports according to SI. They've sold out every game since their inception in 2000.
  • More great stuff from Redus and Weep: Save Junior, (with an update) and I only wish this were true.