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Game Thoughts: Reds Beat The Cubs 5-1

Adam Dunn

It just doesn't get much better than that. I think that game was exactly what God intended Opening Day to be for Reds fans.

Quick thoughts:

  • Harang was excellent, only really getting into trouble once (in the fourth). I was a little surprised to see him go 113 pitches in his first start, but I think the guy's pretty durable so it doesn't upset me or anything.
  • Carlos Zambrano is one of the best number ones to face on Opening Day I think. Guy's such a headcase that the excitement seems to get to him.
  • Nothing really to say about Adam Dunn except that he's awesome. It's great to see him starting the season locked in.
  • Griffey starting the season 2-3 has to be a good sign, and he looked pretty comfortable in right to me. It was just one game, but the defense as a whole looked a lot less shaky to me than last year.
  • The Cubs lineup is pretty scary 1-5 (maybe to six if you like Michael Barrett), but there's not a ton else that I like about this team. I think they're going to improve, but I'd be shocked to see them win the division.
  • Josh Hamilton is infectious. Pretty cool to see the standing ovation for him as he went to bad; even cooler to see his smile soaking it in. Great day today, all the way around.