Leatherpants Meeting

I'm attending a conference in the greater DC metropolitan area.  One of my colleagues took me to a Nationals game last night (the one where they actually won in 13 painful innings).  Unbeknownst to me, my colleague is friends with a key employee of the Lerner Corporation  (Ted Lerner owns the Nats) and we wound up going to the owner's box.  Ted Lerner could not have been a more gracious fellow.  The Nat's principal counsel was also very cordial.  There, sitting perched on a stool in the very front was old Leatherpants (he IS looking old, by the way).  When I told Ted Lerner I was a huge Reds fan and appreciated their GM's helping us to the world series in 1990 he insisted I meet Leatherpants.  I walked right up, the owner introduced the two of us and Leatherpants stuck out his hand without turning from the game (which was between innings).  He never said a word to me.  Leatherpants = dick.
I couldn't resist and asked how the lawsuit was coming between the Reds and the Nats.  He never said a word or looked at me, but the counsel (I think his name was Tannenbaum) quickly came over and told me that the issue is mentioned at all their board meetings, but that the Reds hadn't done anything in terms of bringing a formal suit yet and that they all wanted the Reds to "shit or get off the pot."  
Wondering what the hold up is, and now definitely hate Bowden.