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Game Thoughts: Reds Lose To The Astros 7-2

Rheal Cormier

A team can really only give away so many wins and hope to compete. The Reds were six outs away tonight, and there's just no excuse for giving up a lead so late in a game, let alone as totally and completely as the Reds did tonight.

Quick thoughts:

  • I've thought mostly good thoughts about Krivsky lately (mostly due to the Hamilton pickup), but it's really important to remember that a competent general manager wouldn't have Rheal Cormier on this team at all. The loss ultimately probably ought to be blamed on Todd Coffey, but Cormier is who really disgusted me tonight. He's had a fork sticking out of his back since the Reds acquired him last year, the only question is when Krivsky will finally notice.
  • What the hell is the deal with Todd Coffey? Injured maybe? Tough to explain the sudden suckage otherwise.
  • It's tough to take away good things from a loss like that, but Harang pitched well, and Hamilton and Phillips both went yard. Also nice to see EdE hit the ball a ton, even if it was an out. And hey, I'd gladly eat tonight's loss if it brought about a Cormier DFA. We can only hope.