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Wednesday Quick Hits

Frank Howard

  • Rick Asadoorian is now pitching. He certainly wasn't going to amount to anything as an outfielder, so it's good to see that maybe the Reds will end up with something out of him. Can't hurt to try something like this when the guy throws 96.
  • Site called RotoRob has an entry up called what the hell ever happened to Ty Howington?.
  • I'm not really much of a newspaper comic reader (I still miss The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes), but this Get Fuzzy is awesome.
  • I had no idea that Joe Morgan was involved in a racial profiling case fifteen years ago. I actually respect him a little more now for seeing it through to the end.
  • This is really quite funny, especially this part:
    So to come up with a method that inspires yet doesn't alienate, I refer you to the times of the Roman Republic. For their naval ships, they had guys that signed up to row the boats from the galley. I'm not sure why, maybe a prestige thing. But they were damn good at it because they were motivated. Not a lackey among them, as they knew, if they didn't row up to their manager's expectation, they would be whipped or simply thrown over-board. There was no question.

    Can we get some of that action at GABP? I think a guy beating a leather drum would fit in nicely in the dugout. We'd need someone to operate the whip. Maybe your brother? God knows he needs something to do besides stand around, getting paid to eat sunflower seeds and "be there" for Josh Hamilton. Besides it would give you the chance to say really dynamic things that you've always wanted to say like, "`You are kept alive to serve this team.  Row well and live, row poorly and die."

    Read the whole thing though, it's good.

  • Awesome Posnanski blog entry on what real life Cleveland Indians inspired the players in Major League.
  • Nice entry from Daedalus where she asks some D-backs bloggers for their thoughts on Thom Brennaman. You should also check out her interview with C. Trent.
  • I could never do it myself, but I think it's awesome that people keep their own scorebooks at baseball games.
  • Home run leaders by state. I know Caleb is a big Frank Howard fan.