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Friday Quick Hits

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Edwin Encarnacion

  • JinAz has a nice report on the Reds 3-2 win over Arizona. The hype for Hamilton could get out of control if he keeps this up, and I hope it does (and that he does).
  • John Sickels has posted a prospect retro on Adam Dunn. It's crazy how Dunn hit .300+ in the minor leagues, I'm not sure I'll ever fully understand that. I mean the average dropping a little bit is a given, but Adam's had a big drop.
  • I had no idea people were unhappy with the attention Josh Hamilton has been receiving until I read this. Of course I don't read the comments at Trent's blog because they are usually pretty frightening (and more than a little depressing). I guess it was only a matter of time before someone pulled the "other players never started using drugs, where's their credit etc etc", but I think Daedalus has a nice response there. Also check out the comments where JinAz has a really insightful take comparing Hamilton to the Prodigal Son.

    It takes a pretty amazing human being to find a reason to bitch about the Josh Hamilton story, that's really about all I can say.

  • Fernando Perez is a prospect for the Devil Rays, and he writes a column for His thoughts on spring training are well worth reading.
  • I thought it was pretty cool that Junior wanted to wear number 42, but I have to agree with Torii Hunter that the tribute is now a little diluted with so many players (and entire teams) planning to wear 42 on Sunday.
  • This is stupid. Just like making an example of Josh Hancock (108 ERA+ in 77 innings last year) was stupid. If Narron wanted to make a point he could have benched EdE on Friday and saved the guy some embarrassment while still getting his point across.  I'm not super upset about it or anything, but Narron seems to have had a problem with Edwin going back to last year which makes a move like this kind of suspect. Especially when I think it's pretty damn likely that Edwin is telling the truth when he says he thought the ball was foul.