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Wednesday Quick Hits

Jackie Robinson

  • Tim Marchman looks at what might have been if Jackie Robinson had been able to focus on baseball his entire life without racial and life distractions. Pretty interesting. I'm loving all the Jackie Robinson attention lately because I've always found him to be a fascinating human being. I did quite a few book reports / papers on the guy back in grade school.
  • The Reds are looking to get an All Star game sometime in the next decade. I personally think it'll be awhile, because I'm guessing both New York and DC will jump in front of Cincinnati once they get their new stadiums built.
  • SI looks at who the greatest living hitter might be. Their conclusion is Bonds, which I don't really think is all that arguable, regardless of what you think about the steroids. He was awfully good even in the early to mid 90s, so I don't have a problem calling him the greatest living hitter. I actually don't have a problem with their top 5, but I think it's pretty silly that Rickey Henderson doesn't crack their top 10. Rickey deserves better.
  • Barry Bonds may play on after breaking the home run record, because he wants to reach 3,000 hits. I found that hilarious for some reason.
  • Bridgewater State 57 - Newbury College 1. That is one hell of a beating, especially over just seven innings. Check out the pitching lines of Jamison Torres and Homas Mathew for Newbury. Brutal.