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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Diamondbacks 5-4

Josh Hamilton

A tough thing about losses this early is that there's simply not enough information to properly classify them. We know enough to know that losing two of three to Pittsburgh would have been a Really Bad Thing, but dropping a series to Arizona is kind of devoid of context right now. The Diamondbacks could end up being very good or very mediocre, with the NL West it's tough to tell this early. And then you add in the fact that both losses have been by just a run and it's really hard to know how much any of this means.

Quick thoughts:

  • Josh Hamilton! Whooo! Nice way to get your first hit, plus I'm thrilled with the two walks. Last hit of the game aside, he looked pretty good in center field too. Kids quick.
  • I can handle that from Kyle Lohse. Four runs in seven innings isn't a great start by any means, but he didn't walk anyone and he only gave up six hits. Two of those just happened to be home runs. If he puts up numbers like that all season the Reds will be in pretty good shape.
  • I truly figured the game was lost when Rheal Cormier entered. Guy does not inspire confidence.
  • The offense is going to be a problem this year. I don't think there's any getting around it. The Reds have some good hitters obviously, but there's really nobody you can count on for consistency which is a problem. The Reds went scoreless from the fourth inning on, which is just ridiculous. I might just be spoiled from previous years Reds offenses, but these guys seem like a bunch of hackers compared to the patient teams we've seen in recent years. I said it yesterday, and I have to say it again today, I'm kind of worried about Edwin Encarnacion. It's early, but he hasn't looked comfortable. He's someone from whom the Reds really need a good season.
  • I don't get why the Reds didn't leave Todd Coffey in for another inning. Narron runs through pitchers like there's no way the game can go into extra innings, and it costs the Reds sometimes. I suppose it ended up not mattering too much tonight, but I think Coffey is wasted coming in to get one hitter.
  • Double plays have absolutely killed the Reds this series.
  • I was stuck with the Arizona announcers through DirecTV, but I read the game thread and it sounds like Thom Brennaman was brutal. He's really not getting off to a good start with things. Guy's even bitchier than his father, which I wouldn't have thought was possible. And hell, I like Marty, but Thom doesn't have the benefit of tenure with Reds fans so he needs to tread a little lighter.