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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to Arizona 3-2

Bronson Arroyo

I decided over the past couple of years not to get too upset over one run losses, because they tend to balance out in the end, but last night was probably the most annoying game of the season so far.

Quick thoughts:

  • Arroyo was outstanding and deserved better. I really love watching the guy pitch with the different arm angles and the 67 mph offspeed pitches. It's a shame that he's apparently going to win about 11 games with the Reds giving him no support.
  • I don't understand how Doug Davis gets above average results. I had no idea his control was so bad and that he walked 102 batters last season. That's amazing. The Reds should never lose to a pitcher with control that terrible, ever. Thom Brennaman annoyed the hell out of me last night, but he was right that the Reds weren't being patient enough. Why swing? I realize the ump was inconsistent, but I just don't see the point in swinging at anything from Doug Davis. He only walked three batters; that number should have been twice as much. Encarnacion was the worst, I really don't get what he was doing last night. He's usually got pretty solid plate discipline.
  • David Ross looks clueless. I'm officially a little worried.
  • Scott Hatteberg is Sean Casey-esque with the double plays. I wouldn't use him as a pinch hitter with a man on first and nobody out in the ninth inning ever, just for that reason. Seriously, check the stats, 22 GIDP in '05 and 13 last season. I really like Scott Hatteberg but he's a double play waiting to happen. Hindsight is 20/20, etc. etc., but bunting would have been a smart move there.
  • One of the most encouraging things about Josh Hamilton is probably the patience he's shown, and it was good to see him work a walk last night. Freel is looking tired already, and it's probably past time for Hamilton to get a start.