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New Reds Blogs

Cincinnati Reds logo

Every spring we get a few new Reds blogs it seems like, and this year's no different. I love having more to read, so if you ever start a Reds site let me know and I'll definitely read it and add it to the sidebar. Here's what we've got this year (that I know of):

  • The Reds Rocket: Gets some major points by evaluating the organization with questions like Which Reds outfielder can I trust to watch my cats and water my plants while I'm out of town visiting my parents?
  • Redus and Weep has a kick ass name, and I'm pretty fond of the design too. They're producing some hilarious stuff, and I really enjoyed this interview with Wayne Krivsky:
    RAW: So big news today with Denorfia. It kind of changes what you had planned for the final roster, no?

    WK: Well, not really. I had this injury in mind when we went after Hamilton. I kind of put the screws on Doc to get something done with Deno whether he needed it or not. Kind of a preemptive thing, instead of how things were handled last year, you know, post-emptively. There's a secret plan to everything. You have to keep your options open. Would you like a drink? I've got grain alcohol and water.

  • Redleg Ruckus: A blog written by a first year law student, which is a pretty brave undertaking I think. You might want to start with his latest post, a monster on Ed Bailey.