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Monday Quick Hits - The Reds Do Their Shopping At The Thrift Store

Wayne Krivsky

  • MLB is apparently going to start drug testing all employees, which strikes me as incredibly hypocritical.  The sport can't keep their biggest stars drug free, but they're worried about ushers and ticket takers?
  • Brendan Harris is impressing people in Tampa Bay. I'm not sure I'll ever fully understand that one. One minute the guy's an important part of a ridiculously lopsided trade, the next he's gone to Tampa Bay for a PTBNL. Not terribly consistent.
  • Bill Simmons had an interesting column up recently talking about his experience announcing a couple of small time college basketball games, and he made the point that chemistry has almost everything to do with good announcing teams. Makes you wonder if Thom and Marty will be a standout team for that reason. I always had the feeling that Marty and Steve Stewart didn't get along 100%, so maybe this will go a little better.

    I'm trying to ignore the whole Jeff Brantley thing for now.

  • Interesting story about a Dodger's pitcher who bought a piece of land potentially worth billions.
  • Bobby Valentine always struck me as a pretty smart guy, and this is a good interview with him.
  • Remember the Boom Goes The Dynamite! guy? ESPN tracked him down.
  • Congrats to JinAZ on one year of blogging! Most don't make it that far, seriously.
  • Jerry Narron often gets on my nerves, and I know I've said this before, but I'm comforted by the knowledge that it could be worse.
  • The Enquirer had an article on bargain shopping being Wayne Krivsky's strength, which kind of bummed me out actually. That was Jim Bowden's best strength too.

    I kind of want a GM who's best strength is internal development, or being a really savvy trader. I don't know, maybe Wayne will be an improved Jim Bowden, but it's easy to forget that Bowden had lots of waiver wire and trade success. That's really just a part of putting a winner on the field, and it kind of remains to be seen if Wayne is any good at the other parts. We already know he's not always a smart trader.