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Joel Piniero As Closer?

Joel Piniero

If this happens I think WayneK is really buying into the jump from the American League to the National being a magical leap that makes mediocre pitchers useful:

If the Boston Red Sox want to deal Joel Pineiro now that he is no longer in the picture to serve as closer, they are not going to have difficulty finding a trading partner.

Scouts from several teams have been monitoring the right-hander, whose role was shifted to middle or set-up innings following Jonathan Papelbon's recent return to closer.

The Cincinnati Reds, who are leaning toward selecting Dustin Hermanson as closer from a pool of journeyman relievers, may be the best fit.

Piniero has had an odd career. I remember when he came up thinking he was going to be The Next Big Thing, and he kind of was for a couple of seasons. His age 22 and 23 years were great, and he was pretty solid at the age of 24 as well, but since then he's become absolutely terrible.

Maybe Krivsky thinks the pitcher from five years ago is still in there somewhere, but I don't see a lot to like.