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Dustin Hermanson Is Your 2007 Reds Closer

Dustin Hermanson


The Reds aren't going to make any announcement, but the feeling in camp is that they've found their closer.

The question about Dustin Hermanson was whether his back was sound. Through three outings, several bullpen sessions and one very tough play at first, his back has been fine.

If Hermanson can be what he was in the 2005 - when he saved 34 games and had a 2.04 ERA with the Chicago White Sox - one of the biggest questions about the Reds will be answered.

"It would be huge for us," Reds manager Jerry Narron said.

I suppose anything's possible, but I hate reading Hermanson say things like this:

I know I'm not going to overpower people,"

And then there's this:

One of the reasons Hermanson signed with the Reds was a chance to close, but that was not the only reason. He's from Springfield, Ohio.

"Cincinnati is a place I was born and raised, went to games," Hermanson said. "My dad, who is in heaven, would love to see me play for the Reds.

So we've got a guy coming off a serious back injury, who doesn't throw too hard anymore, and he's a hometown signee to boot.

At first I didn't think the Reds would sign Hermanson. Then when he was signed I didn't think he'd make the team.

And then when it seemed that he had the team made, I didn't think there was any way the Reds would make him the closer.

Now he's the closer, and I'm thinking there's no way he'll succeed. Hopefully I'll be wrong one more time.