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Monday Quick Hits: Matt Belisle Would Make A Fine Fifth Starter

Matt Belisle

  • Some free agency rumors, first from the Denver Post:
    Byung-Hyun Kim hurt his trade value with Friday's meltdown. He is not the only starter on the market, either, with Boston likely to move Kyle Snyder. Cincinnati, the Mets and Texas are all poking around for another starter

    And from the East Valley Tribune:

    Yet [Jorge] Julio, a part-time closer for the D-Backs last season but behind Jose Valverde this spring, said he is not fazed by reports that teams in need of a closer - Florida, San Francisco, Cincinnati - have scouted him this spring.

    Jorge Julio would be a pretty good idea, but I'm not sure why the Reds need another starter at the moment, unless someone's hurt that we don't realize. I see seven potential starters right now (Harang, Arroyo, Milton, Lohse, Saarloos, Belisle, Livingston), all of whom would probably be better options than Kim.

  • David Wells had gout a few years back, and now he's got diabetes. Brings to mind John Kruk's "I'm not an athlete. I'm a professional baseball player." crack.
  • The Hardball Times really doesn't like the Reds chances in 2007, forecasting them to go 73-89, with a 5% chance of winning the division. I'm not terribly optimistic that they'll go nuts and win 95 games, but I'll also be surprised if they finish fifth.
  • Matt Belisle wants to start, and I think that's an excellent idea. Saarloos would be a nice guy to have coming out of the pen, and Belisle has the stuff to start. He's also still only 26 years old, meaning his best years should still be ahead of him. Belisle's health has been an issue, but he pitched all winter and apparently his back has held up fine.

    He's the best option right now, from what I can see. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see Belisle develop into a number three or four type guy in the next couple of years.

    And it's kind of a shame that the Reds think Eric Milton has to start. Harang/Arroyo/Lohse/Belisle/Saarloos (with Bailey waiting in the wings) would be an interesting rotation.