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Spring Training Game Thread: Game 17 vs. Braves

TIME: 1:05 @ Sarasota

                     REDS PROBABLE:
Tim Hudson                                    Aaron Harang

I think my heart has just about finally calmed down from yesterday's Ohio State game.

Which, as an aside, damnit I deserved for Ohio State to pull that one out. It's been an incredibly painful six months for sports, with the Reds just missing the playoffs, the Bengals just missing the playoffs, Ohio State football getting blown out by Florida in the NC game ... I'm not sure I could have handled the Bucks getting beaten by a nine seed in the second round of the tournament. Even though they probably deserved to lose. Hats off to Xavier, that was a hell of a game.

Let's hope the Reds can start strong out of the gates, because at this point I really need it. Unless Ohio State manages to play three or four more games, then fully understand that I'm not allowed to hope for things for awhile.

Go Reds!