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Thursday Quick Hits - JD Drew Is Too Good For People Food

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Ken Griffey Jr.

  • The Baseball Card Blog is having some team card battles, and there are a few Reds team cards involved. 1967, 2007, and 1973, which is the strangest team card I've ever seen. It's just signatures, no photo. Well worth checking out, and the rest of the site is good as well. I'm thinking more and more about getting back into the hobby, but if I do it I think I'll probably avoid anything post 1992.
  • Kind of interesting article on the Dominican players visa scam. Sad situation, with a lot of young kids who made a dumb mistake that's got the potential to ruin their entire lives. No reason at all not to let these guys into the US, as far as I can tell.
  • Pete Rose will be in attendance for Opening Day. I really wish he'd go away. Every year it seems like we get the Pete Rose sideshow at some point, and it's well past being old.
  • Who will be the worst players this season? Royce Clayton's name comes to mind awfully quick. The Reds might not be perfect, but I think it's fairly safe to say they won't have any players on a list like this. Well. Maybe Eric Milton.
  • Pretty standard article  here on JD Drew sleeping in an oxygen chamber (Ohio State fans will be used to this sort of story), but what I found interesting was the fact that Drew rarely eats. Instead he mixes something called "Living Fuel" with water or juice. Supplements are one thing, but replacing most food with them is kind of another. That's a lot more bizarre to me than sleeping in an oxygen tent.
  • John Fay is still on the Junior missing Opening Day story, and it really kind of feels inevitable at this point. I love Ken Griffey Jr. and everything, but there's a not small part of me that can't wait for his retirement, just so the sideshow will be over. It's not his fault certainly, but it'll be refreshing to not go through the disappointment every single year.