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Marty Brennaman Really Does Hate Adam Dunn

Marty Brennaman

I love Marty Brennaman, but it's not the unconditional love I have for Joe Nuxhall, and quite frankly as I get older I become less and less enamored with the guy because of comments like these:

"I am pretty close to giving up on Adam Dunn. I don't know if he is capable of changing his approach to the plate, based on what the count is, and can be happy with shortening his swing, hitting the ball the other way and showing a measure of discipline. I am at the point where I don't know if it can happen. He is a guy who drove in five runs in the month of September last year and didn't even get to 100 runs batted-in.

"People constantly ask if the club is trying to trade him. I think this team waited one year too long to try and trade him. If they had traded him after 2005, they would have got something good. I don't think there was a team in baseball that had any interest in him after last year.

"He is going to make $10 million this year. I get tired of people saying he hits 40 home runs and drives in 100 runs. Wonderful. This is a guy who should hit 50 plus home runs and should drive in 130 runs or more every single year. And he can't do it because he leads the world in strikeouts. I think he was overweight last year. He walks to his position. He walks off the field. You see no energy whatsoever and that disappoints the heck out of me."

Adam Dunn definitely had a disappointing season last year, and I'd be the first to say that, but how could it possibly have made anyone even come close to giving up on him?

How many players in baseball have the kind of power and patience that Dunn has? He's incredibly valuable, and easily the best bat the Reds currently possess. It's just silly to be that down on the Reds best hitter, and it gets old hearing Marty say the same old thing. If Dunn does hit 50 home runs this year I have serious skepticism that Marty's opinion will change, and that's a shame.

I love that we have an announcer who isn't afraid to voice his genuine opinion on things, I just wish those opinions were based on things a little more solid than whether or not a player is running out to his position.