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Tuesday Quick Hits - John Fay Be Bloggin'

Drew Stubbs

  • Marc Lancaster obviously opened some eyes in Cincinnati newspaper management with regards to sports blogging, and John Fay is now blogging for the Enquirer. He'll be giving his Spring Training thoughts, and his opening post makes it sound like it will continue in some form once the season begins. Fay's writing (one sentence paragraph - quote - one sentence paragraph) actually reads a little better in blog format. Fay's blogging so far pretty much completely overlaps with C. Trent Rosecrans blogging, but I'm hoping they'll both be worth reading. More relatively "insider" info is always a good thing.
  • Beyond the Box Score has had a couple of Reds related pieces in recent weeks. This post takes a comparative look at Dave Miley and Jerry Narron, while this one looks at the new contracts for Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo.
  • RotoWorld recently looked at every NL Central team's top 10 prospects, and they had the fairly standard Bailey/Bruce/Votto triumvirate at the top of the list. Stubbs at four shows how silly these lists are sometimes though. I don't want to make any rash predictions, but I do have to say at this point I'll be really surprised if Stubbs is every anything more than a fourth or fifth outfielder, and only that because of his defensive skills. Last year's draft wasn't particularly deep, but that still doesn't make me feel a lot better after his showing at Billings. There are a quite a few Reds prospects I'd list above Stubbs, who honestly reminds me quite a bit of B.J. Szymanski, another college bat that isn't working out.