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Rosenthal On Griffey Moving Out Of Center

Chris Denorfia

Rosenthal on Griffey:

"Griff and I have talked about it a few times," Reds manager Jerry Narron says. "He knows at some point he's going to move to a corner spot just as (Ripken) knew he was going to move to third base.

"A lot of it is about having a regular guy to take the spot and not having Griff moving back and forth. He's open to it. But right now, unless he comes to spring training and says, 'I'm going to play right field,' he's probably going to open the spring in center." [...]

It's best for the team if Griffey moves to right.

If the Reds acquired a legitimate center fielder, the discussion would be over.

Why is there so much dismissal of Chris Denorfia? The Reds don't seem to take him seriously, which is bizarre to me because you'd think he'd fit the profile of what Krivsky likes in a player. His effort level is off the charts, and he's a good defender.

The scenario that makes the most sense is clearly Denorfia in center, Griffey in right, and Freel as a super sub. It's an incredibly obvious decision, and it's unbelievable that the Reds are probably going to get it wrong, because it's also an incredibly important decision. I think this is probably the most important storyline to watch this spring, and I think it'll have far more to do with the Reds chances in 2007 than the race for the fifth starter spot.