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Winter Meetings Day Three

A quick recap of new stuff since yesterday's open thread:

  • Newsday says the Reds have interest in David Wells. This, along with the Tomko thing, makes me think the Reds are after two starters, not just one. A premier guy, plus someone for the back end of the rotation. Plus if the Reds were to deal Bailey for a higher end pitcher that would actually open a hole in the rotation that one of these guys could fill. 45 year old pitchers don't seem like a good idea, but you never really know with Wells.
  • John Fay says the Reds are definitely in on Bedard. It's all about what they would have to give up, but the Reds would have to become the immediate NL Central favorites if they picked him up. It would be a lot of fun to go through Spring Training reading all the previews that come out with the Reds projected to win the Central. It has been awhile since we've seen anything like that in Cincinnati.

Hopefully we see something happen today!