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Winter Meetings Day Two

Just a quick recap on Reds mentions to get us started (and please don't start a diary for every rumor, that's what this thread is for. But if a deal actually gets done then knock yourself out on diary creation.):

  • The Reds have asked about Dontrelle Willis:
    The Reds have asked the Marlins about Dontrelle Willis. But a deal between those two teams is unlikely. The Marlins are still placing a high price tag on Willis, so they no doubt would ask the Reds for their best young pitcher, Homer Bailey, plus one more player. And the Reds have little interest in moving Bailey. One baseball man who spoke to the Reds described their interest as "tire kicking."

    I can't imagine the Reds getting Willis for anything that would be near his actual worth (which isn't much in my opinion), so I'd certainly rather they go in other directions.

  • They are also listening on Josh Hamilton and Edwin Encarnacion. Hamilton for Sean Marshall really wouldn't make me all that happy either.
  • Brett Tomko is interested in rejoining the Reds. Could work as a fifth starter / reliever.
  • The Tim Lincecum rumors might be untrue:
    Word had circulated around the hotel that the Reds spoke with the Giants about starting pitcher Tim Lincecum, with the names of top Cincinnati prospect Jay Bruce and third baseman Edwin Encarnacion floated as part the potential deal. Before the end of the day, it had proven to be untrue.

    Bruce is considered the best prospect in baseball, and the outfielder was Baseball America's Minor League Player of the Year this past season. Conventional wisdom is he'd be off the table for any deal. When asked if he had any players he deemed "untouchable," Cincinnati GM Wayne Krivsky declined to name names.

    I hope Bruce is untouchable, or close to it. It is hard for me to come up with a realistic deal that would actually make me feel ok with Bruce leaving.