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Joe Nuxhall Overwhelmingly Wins Fan Vote For Frick Award

This is nice to see:

The late broadcaster and Reds pitcher, who died of complications from lymphoma on Nov. 15, was named Tuesday as one of 10 finalists for the annual Ford C. Frick Award.

But Nuxhall -- along with A's voice Bill King and ESPN's Joe Morgan -- were selected to the final 10 by fans in an exclusive online vote at the Baseball Hall of Fame's Web site and in November. The other seven were named by the Frick nominating committee.

Of more than 122,000 online ballots cast by fans, Nuxhall received an astounding 82,304 votes. King was a distant second with 7,659 votes. When he also was a finalist last year, Nuxhall received more than 8,000 votes of the approximately 75,000 ballots cast.

Hopefully the committee that decides this will do the right thing here. I think we can all agree that Joe Nuxhall absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.