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Ken Rosenthal On The Orioles And Eric Bedard

Ken Rosenthal has a small item on the Orioles and Bedard today:

The Orioles, sources say, have slowed down trade talks involving left-hander Erik Bedard, apparently dissatisfied by the offers they are receiving. The Mariners, Reds and Mets are among the teams most interested in Bedard, but the A's return for Haren set a high standard. It remains to be seen whether Orioles owner Peter Angelos would endorse trading Bedard and second baseman Brian Roberts when both are two years away from free agency. ...

I get the feeling the Orioles are still going to have Bedard on their roster come April. I might be wrong, but this just seems to me what stupid teams do, and I know because I've seen the Reds do it pretty often in the past fifteen years, failing to trade people at their maximum value.

Bedard might be a great pitcher for the next ten years, who knows, but even if he puts up a 2008 similar to his 2007 he's still going to be less valuable with only one year left on his contract.

I actually am fine with Krivsky not coming in and blowing every other team's offer away. I think a deal could be made here that would help both teams quite a bit, but I get the sense that the Orioles want to really bend someone over before they'll agree to let Bedard go, and at this point I'm fine if that someone isn't the Reds.