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Vote For Joe

I've long thought it ridiculous that Joe Nuxhall isn't in the Hall of Fame for his contributions to the sport as a broadcaster. He has deserved it for a very long time, and now that he's passed it becomes pretty vital that he make it this year, before the movement to get him in subsides as the years go by.

The Ford Frick Award is partially determined by fan voting, and we can all vote once every day in the month of November to get him on the finalist list for the award.. You can actually probably vote more than once per day, but I'm not encouraging that or anything. Just take a second every day to get your one vote in if you could. I'm going to put something up in the sidebar as a reminder so that when you visit Red Reporter you'll see it and remember to do your part.

The guy deserves it, so let's do what we can.

Vote here for Joe.