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New Book From Joe Posnanski On The Cincinnati Reds

This is the best news I've heard so far this offseason:

I have just signed on to write a book about the 1975 Cincinnati Reds -- well, it's really about more than that, it's about competition and America and the pursuit of greatness (no it isn't, I just put that in there in case the publisher checks in -- and hope, I guess, that publishers don't read inside parentheses), and I think I will need this blog to help keep me centered.

So here's the deal: This blog may be a little more widespread than The Soul of Baseball. It may be a little more out there. It will definitely have more Bruce Springsteen reviews (coming up!). But unlike the Soul blog, this one will not be a crass and blatant attempt to get you to buy my book The Soul of Baseball. No, this will be a crass and blatant attempt to get you to buy my book The Soul of Baseball AND pre-order The Machine: Rose, Bench, Morgan and the Great American Ballclub. It's not available yet (should be out in the beginning of 2009) but you can start saving up for it now.

Not scheduled to come out until 2009 unfortunately, but this should be a great book.

Oh, and Posnanski decided to keep blogging even though the season is over, and you can read that here. Also some great news, check it out.