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Monday Quick Hits

  • has a nice article up about the Reds system entitled "Help is on the way for the Reds". Always encouraging to read about the guys moving through the system.
  • Joe Girardi is apparently the new Yankees manager. Kind of an odd choice given the Don Mattingly situation. I am a little hopeful that Steinbrenner's offspring are about to run the Yankees into the ground, but we will see I guess. Having that much money certainly increases their margin of error.
  • Now that the Rockies have been swept we can expect tons of "OMG the AL roxxors" articles this offseason. Here's one, and here's another already.
  • The biggest story this offseason will almost certainly be A-Rod. I don't have much of an opinion of the guy, but I did find it pretty  ballsy that he announced he was opting out during the World Series. I also don't blame him a bit for leaving New York the way he's been treated by fans. And I wouldn't want to play for an owner this stupid either:
    In an interview before Boras's announcement, Steinbrenner said he would try to impress on Rodriguez the value of winning titles and making his legacy as a Yankee. He related a story of talking to Joe DiMaggio, who told him his championships would not have been half as meaningful if he had won them for any other team.

    "Does he want to go into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee," Steinbrenner said, "or a Toledo Mud Hen?"

  • Nice little story here on David Nied, the first player taken by the Rockies in the 1992 expansion draft. That was a pretty crazy time. I can remember getting baseball cards that year and thinking it was pretty cool whenever I pulled a Marlin or Rockie.
  • Ken Rosenthal thinks the Red Sox are the next dynasty. Professional sports are really a blast these days with the Red Sox and Patriots winning the World Series and Super Bowl just about every year.