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Tuesday Quick Hits

  • Things are apparently about to change for the Pirates. Kind of depressing that the Pirates were named Topps 2002 organization of the year.
  • Nice blurb over at Baseball America on Craig Tatum. Would be really nice if the Reds could develop a catcher before Mesoraco is ready, because he's going to be awhile I imagine (assuming he even develops the way they hope).
  • Stuff like this is so predictable and has to sound familiar to anyone  in Cincinnati who has tried to order Opening Day tickets online in recent years.
  • Tipping the laundry guy well is some good advice for aspiring major leaguers.
  • Joe Posnanski on Game 7.
  • Pretty interesting interview with Rob Neyer over at the Hardball Times. Over the years with these things it has always cracked me up a bit how Neyer makes himself sound like such a hopeless loser in the years before Bill James hired him.
  • I generally defend Scott Boras, but $20 million a year for Andruw Jones is a little nuts. Ok, a lot nuts. Jones is coming off an absolutely horrific season, so I'd be pretty surprised if he gets that much money.
  • Interesting story on Wally Backman, the guy the Diamondbacks hired as manager a few years back, only to let him go a few days later after it was revealed that he had a pretty shady past. Pearlman seems to want him to paint him in a better light, but Backman comes off as being pretty damn crazy still. Reds mention at the end of the article.
  • And finally, via Ken in the comments, it's Dusty Baker taking a look at his new team. Have to be a little encouraged with his thoughts on EdE:
    "I liked the improvement he made after he was sent down," Baker said. "He's good in the clutch. I think he can be a big RBI man.

    "He's going to be a good third baseman after he works with the infield guy I bring in."