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Quick Note On Diaries

We've had some new users lately, so just a couple of quick notes:

  1. Please try to feel out the lay of the land a little bit before you start posting diaries all willy nilly. Try to find an existing diary where it would fit to post your thought if possible before resorting to starting a new diary.
  2. At least skim through the wiki before posting diaries.
  3. The 300 character minimum is there for a reason, if you can't fill up that much space then comment in an existing diary or thread. Super easy to get to 300 by quoting or fleshing out your point just a tad btw, it's not tough.
  4. I am not a grammar or spelling nazi, but show some respect for your fellow users by making your diary readable. A misspelled word here and there? Obviously ok. If I really have to struggle to understand what the hell you are trying to say then I'm deleting the diary. Harsh, maybe, but I can't remember the last time I deleted a diary that wasn't a duplicate, so it's not like it happens often. Run what you are writing through a quick spell check (or use Firefox, it has a spell check built in so you really have no excuse) and take a minute to compose your thoughts before writing.
This really isn't directed at anyone in particular, they are just pretty good guidelines that we should trot out every now and again. If anyone has anything to add feel free to do it in the comments. Thanks guys, you are awesome.