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Ken Griffey Jr. In The Bahamas

Here's a genuinely heartwarming tale of a guy meeting Ken Griffey Jr. on vacation:

But the most memorable experience of the vacation was without a doubt meeting Ken Griffey Jr, who was also vacationing the island. Not only did I meet "The Kid", but I spoke for thirty minutes with the player most believed would one day break Hank Aaron's home run record. After admiring a boat parked in the marina adjacent to the Atlantis hotel property, suddenly Ken Griffey Jr. himself appeared from the interior of the boat, armed with a cast on his left hand, he introduced himself to me as "Ken...Griffey".

Seriously, read the whole thing. It's worth it, and it's not so much that you see a different side of Junior as it is that you're reminded of what a nice guy he really is.

I've always kind of thought that Junior might have been happier never being famous, and I picturing him on a boat in the Bahamas with his family kind of reinforces that thought.