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Extra Innings Moving to DirectTV Exclusively

Alli and I are moving to Atlanta in a couple of weeks, and I was already planning on getting DirectTV so that I could buy the Sunday Ticket next fall. That looks like an even better decision now that it looks like MLB's Extra Innings package may be moving to just DirectTV:

According to The New York Times, the MLB Extra Innings package will soon be exclusive to DirecTV . With the NFL and MLB, that could really hurt cable companies. I've had MLB Extra Innings the last couple of years and have loved it. I love coming home and watching a Mariners or Dodgers game, or even catching random day games. I'm not sure how much this will help MLB, but I'd guess it'll help DirecTV.

The linked article doesn't say when this would begin. However, it does say the long-talked about Baseball Channel will start in 2009.

Anyone else think this is really bad for the consumer? I probably wouldn't be going with DirectTV if it weren't for the NFL, and this locks me in even more.