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Wayne Krivsky Sits On A Throne Of Lies

Wayne Krivsky

From the Columbus Dispatch:

"It takes time," Krivsky said. "The goal is to have a couple of guys ready to help the major-league club every year. You want to start a steady stream of guys. The Minnesota Twins, where I came from, are the model for that.

"We want to get a little younger at every level. You don't want older guys impeding the progress of younger players. We want to be considered the kind of organization that contends every year."

Rheal Cormier? Mike Stanton?

Jeff freaking Conine?

Apparently Wayne's living in crazy land, because it seems to me that this team has gotten a hell of a lot older since he took over. That's the primary reason I'm going to have to hold my nose this year when rooting for them.

Acquiring young players with some upside is smart in a lot of ways, but what I really like about that strategy is that it allows fans to dream. It's really tough to convince myself that a 41 year old Jeff Conine is the last piece of the puzzle for a 2007 Reds playoff run.