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Saturday Links

  • The easiest way to get a link from Red Reporter is probably to have a good photoshopped picture or two in your post. Adam Dunn golfing got a laugh out of me.
  • In a dream world where I own the Cincinnati Reds, this guy would be my manager for life.
  • Ryan Howard's second half comes out to an 80 home runs season, 197 RBIs and a line of .356/.492/.799. Guy's the NL MVP, hands down.
  • The Cubs are back in last place, and could conceivably lose 100 games. Hopefully the Reds can help them get there.
  • The assistant GM of the Billings Mustangs has another article up here, all about the Billings playoff run and other assorted things. Some great stories here, and a great read. Minor league baseball is really a fascinating subject, anyone have any books to recommend dealing with the minors?
  • Shameless plug: Some of the newer folks that have joined in the past year might not know, but I also run the SBN Buckeyes site. Check it out if you're a Buckeyes fan, and feel free to make suggestions, that sort of thing. It's not nearly as active as Red Reporter, but I'd love to see it grow a bit. Thanks! /end of shameless plug