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Wednesday Links

  • Ken Griffey Jr. on his dislocated toe:
    "I knew it wasn't my ankle and it wasn't the same spot that I had the problem last year. I knew exactly where it was at. What it felt like was just a knot on the bottom of my foot."


    "They had to put it back. No biting bullets, Doc just grabbed it and pulled it and it went back in its place."

  • Redleg Nation has a long look at The Trade, which just seems to get uglier and uglier as the season wears on.
  • ESPN on the deadline deals:

    Good deals:

    In Arroyo and Lohse, Krivsky provides a lesson for his fellow NL executives -- if you have a chance to add a pitcher who has had any success in the American League, get him.

    Not so good:

    Krivsky dealt for Majewski knowing he had been used heavily by Nationals manager Frank Robinson in the first half of the season, but it wasn't revealed that he had needed a cortisone shot in his shoulder shortly before the All-Star break and the trade.

    Lots more on the Reds two trades at the above link.

  • Interesting interview with Tony Perez. I seriously doubt it could ever happen, but he's a guy who really deserves another shot at managing the Reds. What Jim Bowden did to him was criminal.
  • It apparently takes at least a $100 million payroll to have any shot at the AL East these days.
  • Guess who's in last place?
  • Long article from ESPN on the Jeff Reardon story and it's seriously heart wrenching stuff. I really hope as many people hear about what's happened to him as hear about the initial robbery, because he certainly doesn't deserve to be looked down upon. I'm certainly not a Tom Cruise type who believes psychiatric medicine is more harmful than helpful, but Reardon was on 12 different medications when he robbed the jewelry store, which is a little ridiculous.