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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Giants 3-0

Me last night: "It strikes me as something of a bad idea to have Arroyo go on short rest this late in the year, but I guess we'll see." I'm so smrt.

Quick thoughts:

  • Outstanding performance from Bronson Arroyo. That's the kind of stepping up from individual players that I'd hoped to see the last two weeks, and he's now done it twice in a row. Might not be a coincidence since he's one of the few Reds that's been in a pennant race lately.
  • Not a bad night by Hollandsworth, but I still hope we see a lot of Denorfia as long as Griffey is out. Deno in center and Freel in right makes for some pretty good outfield defense, and I think Denorfia is probably at least as good a hitter as Hollandsworth.
  • Rich Aurilia has been insane lately. It has to be rare for a player to be really good, fall off the face of the planet, and then turn back into a really good player, but he's done it. Aurilia and EdE are about the only guys I trust to do anything any more, everyone else seems to be hit and miss lately.
  • If the win tomorrow they're back to .500. Do that, win two out of three this weekend, and who knows, things could look a little different. Not that I want to get ahead of myself or anything.