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Retro Cincinnati Reds Logo

The Cardinals - Brewers game just ended, with the Cardinals winning 3-2.

It was a hell of a year. It feels a bit anti-climatic to get eliminated this way, but I love that the Reds fought this past week. It definitely made a big difference, because I feel a lot better today than I did a week ago about the future of the Reds. Silly perhaps that a week can make that much of a difference, but hitting that 80 win mark felt good, and it also felt good to be able to dream until the second to last day of the season. I literally gave up on this team in April last year, so it can't be overstated how much  better 2006 was compared to 2005.

Hopefully they can at least get a split of the next two games so that the streak of under .500 seasons can come to a close.

It was a good ride. I'll be sad to see it end tomorrow.