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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Marlins 5-1

Javier Valentin

It's silly, because things are almost certainly over, but I feel kind of proud of the Reds for winning last night. They've allowed themselves a chance, an incredibly slim chance, but a chance.

Quick thoughts:

  • Kyle Lohse ended up not being quite as good as I'd hoped, but he's got an ERA under 5.00 as a Red, and sadly I think that's enough that I'd like to see him brought back. Depth is a good thing, and if pitchers get hurt I'd rather see Kyle Lohse getting starts next September than some scrub (a la Michalek, Johnson, and Kim). Lohse is apt to get a little better over the next couple of years because he's entering his prime. He's certainly not a Harang or an Arroyo, but you need back of the rotation guys who aren't going to completely kill you, and I think Lohse is good enough for the job.
  • Javier Valentin's stats at the end of this year are going to look fairly solid for a backup catcher, which really makes me wish he'd gotten some of Jason LaRue's at bats this year.
  • A four hitter in a must win situation by the Reds pitching staff. Pretty impressive. I also like seeing Bill Bray do well, because I'd like for at least one thing out of the Kearns/Lopez trade to not turn out to be crap.
  • It's just absurd that Houston has won nine games in a row. How can a team be so bad all season and then just turn it on at the end like this? You could kind of say the same thing about the San Diego Padres, a team that I think would be awfully damn scary to face in the playoffs. I don't see the Mets getting out of the first round anymore (not with Pedro out for the entire postseason), which kind of leaves things wide open in the NL. It's not a bad year to make the playoffs.