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Wednesday Links

David Weathers

  • Baseball Minutia continues his look at the stink of losing.
  • Daedalus makes a good point that we need to be thinking positive thoughts these next few days. Can't hurt.
  • The Olde 320 looks at the Reds attendance for the year, and asks if Cincinnati is still a baseball town. I think Cincinnati is a great sports town myself, but I think fans in the town certainly prefer to support a good product. It doesn't take much to get fans interested again, you only have to look at the Bengals sold out 2006 home schedule to see that.
  • Red Hot Mama has some awesome pictures and a good recap of her time at the Reds game on Monday.
  • Doug has an interesting minor league depth chart up. Good stuff.
  • Doc Scott has a great quote on the situation the Reds find themselves in:
    At this point talking some miracle comeback is like a dog chasing a car- he wouldn't know what to do with it if he caught it.

    He's right, but I'm not going to worry about it too much right now.

  • David Weathers is a free agent after this season, and quite frankly I think it'd be stupid not to bring him back what with all the problems the Reds have had this year with the bullpen. Even if he regresses I think he's good for a sub 4.50 ERA, which is better than some (many?) of the relievers we watched this year.
  • Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball, has a new book coming out on the NFL. The New York Times ran an excerpt recently, and I highly recommend it. Use Bugmenot if you don't have a login.
  • I'll have something up on the OOTP league by tomorrow. I want to do some research first to try to make the league as quality as possible, so that it'll hopefully last.