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Game Thread: Game 155 vs. the Cubs

TIME: 12:35 @ Great American Ball Park


                     REDS PROBABLE:
Wade Miller (0-2, 4.97)              Bronson Arroyo (14-10, 3.38)

You know, if anyone does it it'll almost certainly be the Astros, but it'd be awfully damn funny if the Cardinals managed to blow their lead at this late date. A week ago they were 8.5 up on the Astros. Today they're 3.5 up (4.5 up on the Reds). They're still heavy favorites to win the division, but I'd definitely have a sick feeling in my stomach if I were a Cardinals fan.

I totally forgot about Wade Miller. I think I thought he'd be a good pickup for the Reds last offseason, which just shows what I know.

Let's hope Bronson can join Harang in the 15 win club today.

Go Reds!