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Monday Links

Brandon Phillips

  • Baseball Minutia has a great post on the different levels of being a losing franchise.
  • Shawn points out that Arroyo and Harang's 29 wins are the best out of a Reds duo since Schourek and Smiley's 30 wins in 1995. That's a quick snapshot of what's gone wrong with this team in the past decade.
  • Nice pictures of players in their "youth" over at Church of Baseball.
  • Joe Posnanski might just make me adopt the Kansas City Royals as my favorite AL team. This is a great piece on Dayton Moore, with a great quote:
    When things begin to overwhelm him, Moore thinks about the Plaza. It grounds him. It inspires him. It reminds him why he came to Kansas City.

    "The Plaza?" you ask. "Why?"

    "Haven't you figured it out?" he asks back. He shrugs. "On my first day in town, my wife and I were driving through the Plaza. There were people walking everywhere. Kids. Adults. It was great.

    "And I turned to Marianne, and I said, `This is where we're going to have the parade.' "

  • Good to see that the Reds are doing the common sense thing and giving Phillips some time at short to end the season. He should definitely be the starter there next April.
  • I don't know if Joe Girardi is a good manager or not, but it's kind of nuts that he's going to get fired after the season the Marlins have had.
  • The funniest thing I saw last week.