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Eyewitness Report 9/23

  • Ohio State won. Close game, but they held up. Troy Smith's touchdown pass was Madden-like, as he ran around for awhile before reversing field and hitting  Brian Robiskie for the score. Good times. There were more Ohio State fans at the Newport GameWorks than I was expecting. The bar was smack in the middle of all the video games, so it was amusing to see kids crawling over barstools and tripping waitresses. That's the Cincinnati I know and love right there.
  • Walking across the bridge to the stadium we read graffiti that said "Fuck Bush and His Nazi Imperialist Regime", so that was fun. Caleb pointed out that the artist must have been from Ohio (as opposed to Kentucky) since the words were all spelled correctly.
  • Finally arriving at the stadium, and (as others have said) everyone was surprisingly normal, and I took a fair amount of abuse for my Ohio State addiction. You're all just lucky that they won, or I probably would have drowned myself in the river.
  • I picked up a snazzy Reds zip up jacket with some of my "Ball Park Bucks" that the Reds sent sukr and I for being partial season ticket holders. sukr was very amused by the 9/25/06 expiration date, but I was so unsurprised that I had barely noticed it.
  • Slyde received his DVD's. That's two delivered, one set to go. Sorry about the procrastination guys, I've got to get better about follow through on some things.
  • I was actually surprised by the level of sobriety. There was drinking, but I was expecting some sloppy drunkenness after all the game threads I've read. I guess it's probably a good thing since this was the first impression for everyone and all.
  • Alli and I walked to the gift shop with the score Cubs 5 - Reds 4, and when we returned it was 10-4, with something like five errors by the Reds. While I know there are still some games to play, I'll say that in a sick kind of way it was a really fitting and appropriate finish to the season for me.
  • And finally on the way home Caleb, Alli, and I stopped at a Burger King, where I witnessed a BK employeed embroiled in a theological discussion with what appeared to be an elderly homeless man. There was some talk about UFO's as well, so they were a well rounded pair.
In all seriousness, I have to apologize for missing so much of the day. I think it's awesome that everyone seemed to have a good time though, and I hope these become a regular occurrence. I keep hearing that ohiobobcat is going to organize a RedsFest meetup, which I think is a great idea. Maybe we could all hit up a bar or a Damon's for a Bengals game too, once we get deeper into winter. Anyway, I'm continuously amazed at what a great community this has turned into, and I just wanted to say thanks for that.