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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Cubs 3-2

Aaron Harang

I have to confess that I was a bit busy Sunday afternoon (WHO-DEY!), but it was nice to check the box score and see Aaron Harang with his 15th win of the season. He also went over the 200 strikeout mark, which is just awesome. So much of the team has turned to crap in the last month, but the Reds really are looking a lot brighter at the front of the rotation than they have in some time.

Quick thoughts:

  • Anyone think there's anything to Royce Clayton refusing to do the interview with Steve Stewart after the game? I couldn't really care less, but I'm not usually one to worry about an athlete's disposition towards the media. Regardless, he did a nice job going through 10 pitches in the 9th before hitting the game winning single on the 11th pitch he saw. That's a pretty epic at bat for a guy as impatient as Clayton.
  • I once saw Ryan Dempster give up something like nine runs in four innings against the Phillies (with something like eight-nine walks), so I'm never too upset when he does poorly. Nice to see that he pitched so well on Sunday. He's 1-9 on the season now, with an ERA right at 5.00, so I figure he and the Cubs are a match made in heaven.
  • Chris Denorfia had a nice at bat in the 9th inning Saturday night, and a 2-4 afternoon on Sunday. I'm glad to see him battling, and I hope he gets some sort of shot next year. If he could hit just a little better I think it would benefit the Reds to have his glove in center field.