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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Cubs 5-4

Ken Griffey Jr.

There can't possibly be another team in baseball that's had as many walk off hits and homeruns the past few years as the Reds. It's really amazing how often it happens, on both sides of the outcome.

Quick thoughts:

  • It's always great to see Ken Griffey Jr. do something heroic. He certainly made his first home run in a month count.
  • David Ross' batting average is all the way down to .253. I'm not sure he has trade value anymore or not. It's kind of amazing how much he's cratered in the second half. Maybe he's tired. He's been banged up a little bit (heel) so maybe that's it. I'm hoping there's some sort of an excuse, because it's hard to understand how a player can be so good for a half and then drop, not just to mediocre, but all the way to terrible. He's still been a heck of a useful player this year, but I wouldn't mind seeing him traded at all.
  • The Reds final attendance is 2,134,472, which is about what they drew in 2005. I think that's actually a pretty nice number for how bad this team's been for the past five years.