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Narron Gets Endorsement

Jerry Narron

You just hate to see this:

But when a fan suggested Lou Piniella replace Jerry Narron as manager, everyone at the head table was quiet.

When pressed a bit later, Castellini said: "The most maligned Reds manager in my lifetime is in the Hall of Fame - Sparky Anderson. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. We care that you care."

Krivsky gave Narron a strong endorsement.

"I can vouch for Jerry Narron being very sharp, very respected. He can fool you with his quiet demeanor. He can lay down the law when he needs to. I've seen it."

That's from a town hall type meeting at the Reds Hall of Fame.

Comparing Jerry Narron to Sparky Anderson is one of the more interesting ways of looking at the situation that I've seen. I wonder if ol' Sparky ever walked the bases loaded with nobody out?

I realize that ownership/management has to be diplomatic with this sort of stuff,  but come on. Who cares if Narron can "lay down the law" if he can't fill out a lineup card halfway intelligently?