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Game Thread: Game 151 vs. the Astros

TIME: 2:05 @ Minute Maid Park


                     REDS PROBABLE:
Roger Clemens (6-5, 2.52)              Bronson Arroyo (14-9, 3.17)

Figured I'd get this up now so that you guys would have a place to congregate in the morning/early afternoon before the game.

I'm betting the Astros are regretting the whole giving Roger Clemens a truckload of money for a half a season thing at this point. Didn't really work out for them.

Does anyone else get the feeling Clemens could probably pitch into his 50's? A team could have him and an elderly Randy Johnson only showing up on days that they pitch, staying home with the family during road trips. Maybe sign a 60 year old Julio Franco to play some backup first. Then hook up a sweet senior citizen discount and make a killing at the gate.

Anyway, the Reds are a game and a half up on the Astros. A win today would make it two and a half with just 11 to go.

Go Reds!