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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Astros 5-4

Chris Denorfia

So it took Harang six starts to win his 14th game. That's just brutal coming in late August / September in the middle of a pennant race.

Quick thoughts:

  • I have to wonder why Narron let Harang go 7.2 innings. What's the point? Why not be satisfied with seven? I do think that Harang is one of those pitchers that can handle a ton of innings. You look at his frame and it's tough to think otherwise. But I still think it's a good idea to err on the safe side of things. Narron lets his pitchers have way too long of a rope, and it's burned him again and again. I'd much prefer a Sparky Anderson type, yanking pitchers at the first sign of trouble. Maybe Narron hasn't had that luxury because of the bullpen, but I haven't liked how he's handled the staff at all. It's possible part of the blame goes to Tommy Hume.
  • Jason LaRue has a six game hitting streak, and he's still only hitting .189. Hard to believe.
  • It's great to see Chris Denorfia with a solid night. It's almost shocking to me how quickly Marty gives up on young players, and he's been brutal when it comes to Denorfia. I don't know if Denorfia is going to be what we'd all hoped (I think I severely underestimated his lack of power), but he's going to be a solid fourth outfielder. His speed and defense should keep him in the league for awhile, as long as he can hit just a little.
  • I didn't see the Phillips thing, did it look pretty bad? I'd hate for his season to end this way.