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Saturday Links

  • Shawn notes yesterday's callups, which I missed with my internet troubles. Would be nice to get a solid contribution from Majewski the rest of the way.
  • JinAz looks at the Oswalt signing, and notes that it might be bad news for the Reds when Aaron Harang reaches free agency. Also, am I the only person that doesn't think this is a great move by the Astros? Oswalt is a short righthander, and they don't usually last too long, plus I'm not a big fan of giving pitchers contracts longer than three or four years, no matter how good they are. You just never know when it comes to pitchers and injuries; they're so damn fragile.
  • You kind of have to feel for the Pirates. They clinched their 14th straight losing season last night. That's getting into Cincinnati Bengals/1990's territory, and I know how bad that hurts.
  • Red Reporter is apparently worth $50,244.06, according to some widget that someone made. I personally put it's value at priceless, but I have a hard time selling anything.
  • Interesting article on Felipe Alou and race.
  • Florida Marlins team president David Samson sounds like a real dumbass. Although "porn night" would probably be an interesting minor league promotion.
  • Anyone else think it's weird that the football steroid scandal hasn't gotten much coverage? Is it because people just naturally expect football players to be using?
  • Ryan Howard broke some records the other night.
  • Little League (the organization) is instituting pitch counts, which is probably a good idea. They need to do something about breaking pitches though, every year I'm shocked to see 12 year old kids snapping off curves in the Little League World Series like there's no tomorrow. That can't possibly be a good idea. When I was a kid pitchers just threw as hard as they could. I'm not sure what everyone would have thought of a kid who actually changed speeds.
  • And GO BUCKS!